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Dave Vasey, Director

A total enthusiast of Cummins engines Dave has embraced every challenge over the years and had a lengthy career upwards of ten years working as a lead engineer within the Cummins UK team.

Initially he trained as an electronics engineer and gained an invaluable experience in understanding complex circuit logic, analysis and diagnostics required in fault tracing.

Dave returned back to the engineering trade with a primary interest in the commercial and Industrial engine building and servicing industry. He worked on smaller engines including Yanmar, Lombardini and Kubota.

Soon after this his skills were recognised by Cummins UK and he was recruited into their FieldService team which is where his passion developed.

He built his reputation within Cummins UK as one of a very select few whom could be relied upon to succeed in diagnostics where others had failed. Midway of Dave's career at Cummins he was asked to join the Southampton marine division which is where his passion for the Marine business began and later he was asked to take on the roll as service controller which helped to generate the service ethic that is the hallmark of Dave's working relationships.

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Simon Green, Director

An enthusiastic boat owner of over 20 years.

Simon has served his apprenticeship in the Bus and Truck industry where after gaining an in depth knowledge of engineering.

Simon progressed to management including rolls such as Service Manager for a commercial vehicle workshop in Watford UK leading a team of 18 staff including 14 engineers, body repairers and paint sprayers for 6 years.

Later he became engineering manager for one of the major public transport companies for 4 years.

In 2006 looking for a career change following a move to the South coast of the UK becoming hands on and technical again Simon joined Cummins UK as a field service technician and quickly becoming a dedicated marine engineer throughout the duration of Cummins Southampton Marine Centre.

During this time with Cummins Simon advanced an already keen interest in Cummins Diesel Engines, Electronics and Software. He travelled many parts of Europe, also the Middle East giving support to the product. Also having the responsibility of carrying out many of Cummins Uk marine installation reviews. Outside of work when time permits Simon is a keen boater and has engaged in performance boating projects such as performance tuning Mercruiser V8s upwards of 500hp and rigging of race boats.

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Tracey Chieza, Accounts/Admin

Tracey is an enthusiastic member of the VaSi team whose duties are currently part time dealing with the accounts, administration and marketing.

Her background is within the marketing industry and has been a strength gaining VaSi's presence within the marine industry. She has also run her own freelance business which puts her in a good mind set for the company. Alike the rest of the team customer service is always the motivating factor to achieving the most effective results.

Engineering is a new outlet from her trade but is learning about the business and is finding it a rewarding challenge. She is always serious about how to best achieve the most effective results from the most minor to major tasks.

She is passionate about boating and owns her own boat which gives her the passion, interest and foresight adding value to VaSi marine. This also gives her a background understanding of the marine world which is an advantage when communicating with customers and suppliers alike.